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Med-Law Summaries, Inc.: Medical Records Summarization Services
The Narrative Medical Summary

Our narrative summary provides a concise description of the information contained in the medical records, allowing you to quickly take in the most relevant information. Each summary references the document's tab and identification numbers, making it easy for you to find the record cited.

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Typical Narrative Summary

A brief synopsis of the most pertinent information

The information on the medical record in "bottom lined" for you making it easier to review. You can choose to have definitions inserted throughout, or certain information bolded, such as details pertaining to a particular medication or injury.

Medication Administration Record (MAR)

Condensed into a convenient list

A narrative summary of the medication administration record (MAR) allows you to quickly assess what medications the plaintiff was given. In the narrative format, the MAR is condensed into a listing of the medications given sorted by type. Depending on the level of detail you need, you can choose to have the medications that the plaintiff received listed for each individual day, week, month, or overall.

Laboratory Results:

An easy review

The narrative laboratory report displays the abnormal laboratory results by listing the name of the tests that showed low, high, and critical values. You can choose to have the abnormal results in your summary listed either in paragraph form (as in the top example pictured above) or as a list (as in the latter example), or you can leave the decision at the discretion of our summarizers.