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Med-Law Summaries, Inc.: Medical Records Summarization Services
The Comprehensive Medical Summary

The Comprehensive medical records summary provides the most in-depth view of the plaintiff's medical records, and is the perfect way to extract a lot of information for review. This level of detail is especially useful in medical malpractice, toxic tort, or personal injury cases when a deep analysis of the medical records is required.

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Typical Comprehensive Summary

Office visits, progress notes, etc.

This summary is presented in an easy to follow format, providing detailed information regarding hospital and office visits including: symptoms and complaints, history of illness, current medications, physical examination results, diagnostic impressions, and treatment plans.

Medication Administration Record (MAR)

All the details layed out

A comprehensive summary of the plaintiff's medication administration records gives all the details you need by extracting information from the medical records and laying it out in an easy to follow format. This allows you to know the "what", "when", and "how" of the medications the plaintiff received during a hospitalization. Plus, this clear listing references numbers--from the physicians order number to the time that the medication was given and the document ID number, so that you can find or verify any of the items listed.

Laboratory Results:

To extract and hilight

The comprehensive laboratory report summary displays the abnormal laboratory results by providing the collection time and the name of the abnormal tests, and listing their values divided into high, low, and critical categories.