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Med-Law Summaries, Inc.: Medical Records Summarization Services
Medical Record Summarization Services

Narrative Summary

Concise paragraphs

So you can quickly take in the most pertinent case information.

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Comprehensive Summary

A detailed report

Presented in an easy to follow format, providing the most information about the plaintiff.

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Annotated Index

An organized reference

Listing of the medical records, with a few words regarding the contents.

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Chronological Medical History

Avoid suprises

Know of any habits, pre-existing conditions, or hereditary factors in the plaintiff's reported medical history that may affect your case.

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Provider Identification List

Identify the parties involved

Alphabetical listing of caregivers mentioned in the medical records to aid you with your discovery process.

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What You Receive With Your Order

With Med-Law Summaries:

  • The plaintiff's records are organized in chronological order prior to summarization, allowing you to track all medical visits, and the progression of medical conditions, symptoms, and treatments in the order that they occur.

  • Each page of the plaintiff's medical record is stamped with it's own identification number that is clearly displayed in the finished summary, to allow for easy document verification.

  • All medical records are placed into a D-Ring binder, behind a numbered tab that is clearly marked in your summary and document index, allowing you to quickly put you hand on any document.

  • Each binder of medical records also has a correlating copy of the summary placed on top of the bound records and is clearly labeled on the front cover and spine with the case name, matter number and volume number of the binder.

  • A master binder is also provided, containing the summaries from all volumes of the medical records, complete with a table of contents and document index.

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