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Med-Law Summaries, Inc.: Medical Records Summarization Services
Frequently Asked Questions


In what way can a summary be customized? ^ top ^

Our summaries can be customized in a variety of ways. In order to make it easier to take in certain symptoms or conditions at a glance, you may choose to bold or underline key words.
You may choose to have only certain records summarized as a Comprehensive Summary with the rest done as a Narrative Summary

For example, on a case dealing with medications, you can order a Narrative Summary, but choose to have the medication administration record summarized comprehensively. Additionally, we can bold all references to the medication or order in question, as well as possible effects or contra-indicated medicines.

We are always ready to work with you to help customize your summaries to meet your particular needs


Do you provide definitions of medical terms? ^ top ^

Yes, we generally include a defined list of terms relevant to the case. You also have the option of having no definitions at all or having the definitions of medical terms and abbreviations placed continuously throughout the summary. For example:

"Plaintiff's medical diagnosis was rule out endometriosis {medical condition where the tissue lining the uterus is found outside of the uterus, affecting other organs}. Appointment scheduled for 4/24/94."


What is the difference between the summaries you offer? ^ top ^

The three types of summaries we offer differ in intervals as far as the amount of time, information and price involved.

The Annotated Index is our fastest, lowest priced summary; and it serves to provide you with medical records that are both organized behind tabs and indexed with a few words about the contents, and is perfect for medical experts or cases where time very limited.

The Narrative Summary is our most popular summary, and is perfect for when you want to the information in the records bottom lined so you get only the most pertinent information, rather than a detailed review.

The Comprehensive Summary provides the most information from the medical records regarding the plaintiff's complaints, symptoms, physical examinations, and treatments.

For a side-by-side comparison, see the visuals on our summary comparison page.


Do you provide document binders without the summaries on top? ^ top ^

Yes, you can request that summaries not be place on top of the medical records. We will, instead, provide you with an additional master summary binder at no additional charge.



How long does it take to complete a summary? ^ top ^

Depending on the level of complexity of the medical records and the level of detail requested, the amount of time needed for each summary type may vary.


How far in advance should I place my order? ^ top ^

You should place your order far enough in advance that there is enough time for you to ship us the raw records, MLS summarizers to complete the summary type of your choice (more complex summaries require a greater amount of time), and for the completed product to be shipped back to you.

If you are ordering additional copies of the binders to send to your medical experts, you will want to allow enough time for these to be created and assembled as well.



What information do I need before I request a quote? ^ top ^

Before you request a quote, you should have available:

  • the total number of pages that make up the medical records
  • the type of summary that you are requesting
You can call us at 804.453.0241 or submit a Quote Request Form via mail or fax to receive a time or price quote on your order.


What information do I need before I place an order? ^ top ^

Before you place an order, you should have available:

  • the total number of pages that make up the medical records
  • the type of summary that you are requesting
  • the matter (or case) number
  • the plaintiff's name
You can call us at 804.453.0241 or submit an Order Form via mail or fax to place an order.


What if I'm not sure of the number of pages in the medical records? ^ top ^

To determine the number of pages, check the invoice from your copy service; the number of pages should be listed there. If you are still unable to arrive at a figure, contact us by phone (804.453.0241) and we will work with you.


Why do you require a matter number before you take a case? ^ top ^

In order to avoid a conflict of interest, we will only summarize the plaintiff's medical records once--either for the plaintiff's attorneys or the defense. To help assure this, we ask that you provide the matter number for the case.


Will you summarize records before a case number is assigned? ^ top ^

Yes. We understand that some firms use our medical summaries to assess the merit of their cases, and may not have a matter number. We ask that should you receive a matter number in the future, you forward the information to our company.


Can I order additional copies of my summary or document binder(s)? ^ top ^

Yes. If you need additional copies of your summary or document binders to send to your medical expert or for co-counsel and office staff, we prefer that you order them before your initial order is fulfilled and shipped to you.

If you find that you require an additional set of document binders post-fulfillment, we ask that you ship the complete set of document binders back to us so they can be accurately duplicated. This stipulation does not apply to summary binders, which can be duplicated at any time without the originals.

Contact us by phone, fax, or via our online form, and request a full schedule of fees for pricing.


How do I send you my records? ^ top ^

To send us your records, mail them to the address below:

Med-Law Summaries, Inc.
568 Coopers Landing Rd.
Heathsville, VA 22473



Do you require a deposit? ^ top ^

We generally do not require a deposit. However, on large cases, we do ask that a $250 dollar deposit be sent either before or with the medical records before we begin summarizing.


Do you offer discounts on your summaries? ^ top ^

Yes, we have a number of special offers that are available to our clients. For details, visit our discounts page.


Do you pay for shipping? ^ top ^

No, our clients are responsible for all shipping and handling costs.



Where are you located? ^ top ^

We are located in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Do you summarize medical records for firms outside of Virginia? ^ top ^

Yes, we summarize cases mailed to us from anywhere within the United States.


Do you provide consulting services? ^ top ^

No, MLS is strictly a medical record summarization service and does not provide medical consultations or expert witness services.