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Med-Law Summaries, Inc.: Medical Records Summarization Services
Medical Record Summaries

Screen Your Cases

Use our summaries to determine the merit of your case

When you're considering taking a new case, getting the medical records summarized can help you:

  • Determine if there was negligence or deviation from the standards of care
  • Identify areas of concern and questionable occurrences
  • Spot any pre-existing conditions that may affect the case

Without having to sort and rifle through a stack of unorganized records yourself, or waste the talents a paralegal (who may or may not appreciate the signifigance of the details in the records) on the task.

Pressed for time?

You may want to consider hybrid summaries

Hybrid summaries are a combination summary. They are great because they take less time for us to create and you to review. Hybrids provide you with the details you need, while not entirley ignoring records that seem less important.

For instance, if you you want a Narrative Summary of your records, but have no interest in laboratory results or medication records, those can be summarized as an Annotated Index, so you can find and reference them if needed.

Available hybrid summary combinations:

  • Narrative / Annotated
  • Comprehensive / Annotated
  • Comprehensive / Narrative
  • Comprehensive / Narrative / Annotated

Schedule Your Summaries Early

Experience the freedom of choice

Scheduling your summaries in advances assures that there is sufficient time to:

  • Order the summary that best suits your needs
  • Order additional sets of summary and document binders
  • Take advantage of potential defendant and witness names identified during summarization
  • Send the organized records to your medical expert.

This will reduce your discovery costs and time by reducing the number of hours that it would take your expert to review the records.

Best of all, this allows you and your expert to construct a clear picture of the relevant events and the plaintiff's history citing sources that can be easily referenced during a deposition or trial using our tab numbers to locate the document and the ID numbers for easy verification.